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Tantra's Mantra with Prakash Sangam

Feb 7, 2021

Small coverage footprint is one of the major challenges of mmWave bands. They require hyper-dense deployments to be effective. But bringing fiber backhaul to these is very expensive as well as time-consuming. Integrated Access Backhauls (IABs) introduced in 3GPP Rel. 16 solve that issue. It’s not just IABs, you will also need Self Interference Cancellation (SLIC) implemented in them to maximize the performance.

In this episode, I talk to David Cutrer, CEO of Kumu Networks, the company developing SLIC for IABs, on how it works and when are the large-scale deployments of IABs expected.

For more details, check out my Forbes article, and the article series on RCR Wireless News: